Hello everyone! The entire community would like to attract new users, and I feel one of the best ways to do that is by getting a Wikia Spotlight. The Wiki has some standards to meet, most of which have been met, but we still have a few things to work out, such as reaching 200 non-stuib articles. Now, we are incapable of doing so if we do not expand some of the articles in these two categories:

  1. Weapons
  2. Vehicles

Now, I do understand that some of us have more information on these two subjects than others, but a lot of the alien species technology articles really need to be expanded. I have been searching the Internet for information and hope that you guys will do the same. This is not criticism for the Wiki and I am certainly not telling you to work harder than you already are - I'm not sure that's possible. ;) I would, however, like to acquire more users, something that seems rather hard to do with a topic like ours, being that it's not an incredibly popular topic. There are also some more requested pages that I thinkwe should create. There are several red links for requested pages on this page, and so hopefully you guys can help out. I will do the same, although I will be unable to do so until at least July 15 (I'm going on vacation). If we can create all the requested pages, it should bring us to (at least) near 80 pages. Sorry, I'm not too good at math! Anyways, if any of you are able to help out, then please do. Thanks for your time, guys! And feel free to leave any comments here below.

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