Lee Imlay
Corporal Lee Imlay
Title Corporal
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction United States, USMC, Earth
Status Alive
Portrayed by Will Rothhaar

Corporal Lee "Cowboy" Imlay is a brave Marine who served under William Martinez and, later on in the film, Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz during the Battle of Los Angeles. He had looked out for and done his best to take care of the rookiee Lenihan during the battle, which he knew must have been hard on the rookie. His weapon is a M4A1 carbine like the rest of his teammates, but with an underbarrel M203 grenade launcher like the one on Cpl Jason Lockett's. Imlay is also recognized by his signature black football paint stripes under his eyes. He is stated to be roughly 19-years-old. He is the main character of the film's video game. Lee Imlay is portrayed by Will Rothhaar.


Not much is known about Lee Imlay's early life, but he was very young when he became a Marine, being that he was only 19 at the time of the Invasion of Earth. He was obviously hard-working and cared about his country. When he was assigned to the platoon of William Martinez, they received the mission to rescue a group of civilians trapped in a LAPD police station. On their way, Shaun Lenihan, the rookiee who Imlay had looked out for, had gone missing. Although he turned out to be alright after Michael Nantz went looking for him, a helicopter had to take him and the rest of the injured Marines away so that they could receive medical treatment. The helicopter had arrived after the platoon had found the civilians. Nantz, who rushed out after the helicopter (and thought it was taking the civilians) to see it explode after being shot down by an extraterrestrial weapon. Imlay was saddened at the loss of such a young and useful Marine, but was forced to move on.

The platoon was forced to hot wire a bus and leave in it. Soon after, they were forced to rappell the civilians off the freeway after being attacked by aliens. One alien even fatally wounded a civilian, who died while the Marines were at the FOB (after the planned Bomb Drop to wipe out extraterrestrials in the city never happened, which the Marines soon discovered was due to a group of aliens attacking and nearly destroying the FOB). Nantz then decided to go and defeat the aliens by himself, however the platoon insisted on going with him, and together they fought the aliens. After driving back most of the creatures, they rejoined the battle to help save the Earth.


  • During the battle, Imlay was annoyed when Elena Santos, an Air Force Tech Sergeant joined him and the other Marines in laying down covering fire. However, he was quickly impressed by her shooting skills and changed his mind, telling her she could take up all the space she wanted.

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