Corey Simmons
Lance Corporal Corey Simmons
Title Lance Corporal
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Los Angeles, the Human Race
Status Deceased
Portrayed by Taylor Handley

Corey Simmons was a Marine serving under Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz and 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez, during the Invasion of Earth. He fought in the Battle of Los Angeles against extraterrestrial invaders who invaded Earth for its resources. Simmons was portrayed by Taylor Handley.


Not much is known about Simmons other than he is a Lance Corporal, but along with 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez and Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz, and other marines of Echo Company he was a great marine. He was one of the first marines to see the TV when the aliens invaded Earth. Later on the Marines were forced to defend Los Angeles against the aliens. When he and the marines arrived, their mission was to rescue five civilians who were trapped in an LAPD Police Station. On their way they passed panicking civilians who where running away from the aliens. He also saw a dead person in a car and was shocked to see what the aliens had done. He also told Martinez he could not see anything in the thick fog that covered the streets. All of the sudden a dog by the name of Glenn appeared which turned out to be a trap, where some of the first members where killed. They were forced to retreat to a backyard were they were heavily ambushed. Grayston was hit in the right arm and Guerrero in the head.

Nick Stavrou soon found the way by bashing a fence down making a safe passage for Echo Company into a house. Although PFC. Lenihan went missing, Simmons felt traumatized by this. While Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz and two other marines Corporal Harris and Lee Imlay went to go look for Lenihan. The team continued on to the Police Station. However on the way another ambush came and Simmons was wounded in the right part of his face from heavy fire, and was dragged to a safe building where the marines took cover, until Staff Sergeant Richard Oswald his marines and Tech Sergeant Santos showed up. They soon went to the Police Station.


At the Police Station a helicopter came and picked up the wounded, but unfortunately when they took off a Alien Wedge Ship shot the helicopter right out of the sky killing Simmons, Guerrero, Grayston, Lenihan and the pilots. Despite the death of Simmons the remaining members of Echo Company continued on.


  • Corey Simmons was one of the marines to panic when the Aliens came.
  • Later on in the film Corporal Kevin Harris mentioned Lenihan, Guerrero and Grayston but he didn't mention Simmons because he was one of the four wounded killed in the Chopper when it crashed to the ground.

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