The CH-46 Sea Knight is a medium-lift tandem rotor transport

Seaknights super

Sea Knights heading to the FOB at Santa Monica Airport.

helicopter used by the United States Marine Corps. The Sea Knights in Battle Los Angeles are armed with M240 machine guns and M2HB heavy machine guns on the ramps and on some of the side doors of the aircraft.


Battle of Los AngelesEdit

When extraterrestrial forces invaded Los Angeles, the United States Marine Corps was deployed to defend the city. The USMC used the Sea Knights to transfer troops,equipment and supplies to Los Angeles during the invasion. As the helicopters approached Los Angeles, according to radio chatter, some the choppers were shot down by alien forces but the majority of them reached Santa Monica airport. After deployment, the Sea Knights were most likely used to get more troops and supplies from other bases and picked up troops and civilians from the battlefield until the arrival of the Alien Wedge Ships, where all human air assests were engaged by the Wedge Ships.


Weapons Edit

The Sea Knight is mainly used for transport/carrying capabilities but the aircraft is equipped with weapons to defend itself and to support the troops that it deploys. It is equipped with two door mounted .50 caliber machine guns and one M240 machine gun mounted on the ramp. Because it is only mounted with a number of machine guns, it could be very easily destroyed from enemy alien aircraft such as a Wedge Ship.

Notable InformationEdit

The Sea Knight has a crew of 5( 2 pilots, 1 crew chief, 1 tail gunner, and 1 aerial gunner/observer), and can carry up to 25 troops for deployment.

Battle los angeles6

A tail gunner looks at as fellow Sea Knights head to Los Angeles as the aliens arrive.


1st Platoon watches the falling "meteors", as three CH-47 Knights arrive to land.