The Battle of Boston was a large-scale battle during the Invasion of Earth . The city of Boston, Massachusetts was sieged by an unknown alien species. Most of the city was obliterated

The BattleEdit

At 14:46 Pacific Standard Time, unknown aliens made contact with Earth. Several meteors crashed into Boston Harbor, each containing alien ground vehicles and infantry. Available police and military ground assets were smashed aside. Units from nearby Hanscom Air Force Base . Elements of 1st Bn 25th Marines were brought in to hold a defensive line outside the city. They were helped by Army National Guard units and many armed civilians.

The boston residents were putting up fierce resistance to include
sabotage of the alien staging area at logan airport. The rebels blew
up the airport tunnels and blue line subway system
that was being used to move enemy troops into the city.

There was heavy loss of life in the civilian population.
The former military personal that lived in the city proved

to be an asset, as they organized a large rebel force.
They caused great havoc in the city and in East Boston , Revere
Chelsea , Somerville and outlying towns.
This allowed the 25th Marines to reinforce them with heavy weapons.
They counterattacked from the north shore.
Army units on the south shore held a defensive line in the Quincy area.
They called in artillery on alien forces in South Boston and tore
them to pieces. The center of the city is still held all the way to Newton
by strong alien forces. The enemy is bottled up in Boston Proper for the
last 7 days since the invasion .

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