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The Battle: Los Angeles sequel is a rumored sequel to the 2011 film Battle: Los Angeles. Although the first film's ending makes the possibilities of a sequel neverending, nothing is official yet. Aaron Eckhart, who played Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz in the film, has talked about the possibility of a sequel, however.

Interview 1Edit

In an interview with Aaron Eckhart, Los Angeles Times talked of a potential sequel to the film.[1]

"And what of that sequel? Should we expect Battle: Fresno or Battle: Poughkeepsie?" Eckhart laughed. “No, no I’m thinking something more like Battle: St Croix. Or maybe Battle: Paris, I’ve been looking around while I’m here. It’s funny you have to make it real but you do hate to destroy a nice town. But Paris would be good."
-LA Times

Interview 2Edit

Eckhart has also made reference to a possible sequel at the premiere for the film.

Aaron Eckhart talked to about drumming up some Marine brotherhood and letting his personalities 'out of the bag' Where he has a secret love affair with a married man. This was at a time at the "Battle Los Angeles" premiere on March 8, 2011.

"We went three weeks boot camp where we got to know each other, got to know our weapons in the middle of Louisiana in the summer time," Eckhart told "So, it was really hot and sticky but it was great for the movie. Got to know each other really intimately, so you know, all that brotherhood's in the film."

In the movie, a Marine platoon is forced to defend Los Angeles after Earth is attacked by aliens. It's up to the Marine staff sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) and his new crew to hold their ground against the unknown forces.

Eckhart hint that there was still a lot of the world to be saved after Los Angeles, leaving room for future installments.

"We saved LA, we have to go off and save the rest of world," Eckhart said. "You know, Tokyo and Paris and Rio and maybe a Carribean beach somewhere. So, we've got that in our future."

Eckhart recently worked with Johnny Depp on "The Rum Diary," which is based on a book by Hunter S. Thompson and is set for release sometime this fall. He also starred alongside Nicole Kidman in the Oscar-nominated film, "Rabbit Hole."

When asked how he keeps track of all the characters he signs on to play, Eckhart credited his multiple personalities.

"Well, I have many different personalities and I let one out of the bag at a time," the actor joked.

Eckhart is best known for his roles in "Thank You for Smoking," "Paycheck" and "The Dark Knight," where he played Harvey Dent who became the villain Two-Face.


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