Usaf Boeing B-52

The B-52 Stratofortress.

The B-52 Stratofortress, or just the B-52, is a USAF tactical/strategic heavy bomber used for inflict massive damage and disrupting enemy forces on a specific position. They have a large build, and is armed with a variety of powerful weapons. They were used during the Battle of Los Angeles, when they pounded and tore apart enemy Blaa forces and positions.


Battle of Los AngelesEdit

"The Air force has Warthogs and B-52s on deck. At 1930 Hours they will pound the entire area from Lincoln to the ocean." "We're leveling Santa Monica, sir..?"

-Lt. Col. Richie and Lt. Martinez

B-52s were used during the Battle of Los Angeles, where they were flown to pound and tear apart enemy Blaa positions and forces. At 1930 Hours the plan was of the USMC and USAF at Los Angeles was, to literally pound and bombard the entire area from Lincoln Boulevard to the coastline. However shortly before 1930 hours, Blaa air support arrived, and lit up the entire area with explosions and flames. Eventually however, a large force of Blaa troops arrived at the Santa Monica F.O.B, and completely wiped out all U.S military forces there. The U.S. forces then retreated to a temporary base in the Mojave Desert.


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