Arlen Wilson
Arlen Wilson
Arlen Wilson
Title Unknown
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Humans, Earth
Status Alive
Portrayed by Unknown

Arlen Wilson is a reporter with top secret information pertaining to the aliens who invaded Earth in 2011. She works for WATCH TV, a television network that appeared to have the most information pertaining to the aliens and their invasion. She was in news broadcasts that were televised in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Arlen is the woman who gives you assignments in the Battle: Los Angeles FaceBook game(s). The unknown voice in the short videos on the external website Unidentified may be her voice, as it sounds a lot like her. The website is an interactive web program that allows you to gain top secret information about the film's extraterrestrial antagonists. Wilson appears to be soft-spoken and has a British accent, so she may be British or may live there (or has lived there in the past).


A news report on WATCH TV featuring Arlen Wilson can be seen below.


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