Amy was Michele's niece and was Kirsten's older sister. Her mother was away at the time of the Invasion of Earth and had left her (and her sister) with Michele. She was one of the five civilians that had

Amy is rescued by Michael Nantz.

been hiding in the LAPD police station at the time of the Invasion of Earth. She was 10 at the time of the invasion, and was most likely friends with Hector Rincon, one of the other civilians. During the Invasion, she was rescued (along with the other civilians) by Michael Nantz and his platoon of Marines. Eventually, the Marines took the remaining civilians (having lost Hector's father, Joe, to an alien weapon) to the FOB where they successfully drove most of the extraterrestrial invaders out of Los Angeles. Amy, Michele, Kirsten, and Hector all survived. She was played by Jadin Gould.


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