AH 1W Super Cobra

AH-1 Supercobra on patrol.

The AH-1 Supercobra is a USMC attack helicopter. It is designed for direct close air support and general combat. The Supercobra is structured with dense, thick, protected armor and equipped with a variety of deadly weapons, including single, three-barelled, 20mm Gatling Gun, and a mixture of 70mm Hydra 70 Unguided Rocket Pods, AGM-114 Hellfire Laser Guided Anti-Tank ATG Missiles and TOW Missiles; as well as two AIM-7 Sidewinder ATA Missiles. Dozens of AH-1s were used during the Battle of Los Angeles.



The AH-1 Supercobra is a heavy attack helicopter, mainly used for assault purposes rather than defensive purposes. Protected by thick armor and equipped with an arsenal of deadly weapons, the AH-1 is used for general combat; as in assaulting enemy forces, positions and structures and is especially effective at eliminating enemy armor with its ATG missiles.


The AH-1 is armed with a variety of different powerful and deadly weapons. Its first weapon is a single, foward nose-mounted M197 three-barelled, 20mm Gatling Gun that is mounted in the A/A49E-7 Turret. The M197 is especially useful against infantry and light armored vehicles; it only has up to 750 rounds of ammo capacity. Then, it can carry a mixture of three different weapons under its two short, stub wings. First, it can carry either the Hydra 70 70mm Unguided Rockets, 127mm Zuni Rockets, AGM-114 Laser-Guided Anti-Tank ATG Missiles or TOW Missiles. Lastly, it can carry two AIM-7 Sidewinder ATA Missiles at both sides of the stub wings.

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