600px-Battle los angeles1

Michele, Reid, Imlay, and the others looking upon the destroyed ramp on the freeway.

The 40th Infantry Division was a modular divison from the National Guard. They participated in the defense of Los Angeles during the world invasion.

Battle of Los AngelesEdit

Not much is known about the 40th Infantry Division other then that thay helped defend Los Angeles from invading aliens on August 11, 2011. SSgt Michael Nantz and his platoon met up with some members of the division who were with Technical Sergeant Elena Santos. They told Nantz that the rest of their unit was missing or dead and decided to help the Marines instead of heading to the FOB at Santa Monica airport. They continued to assist Nantz until the battle on the freeway, where they participated and unfortunately were wiped out with several marines, although Santos survived.

Known membersEdit

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